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Town Board Meeting
Aug 07, 2018


3063W Hwy 182

Springstead, Wisconsin, 54552


    PLEASE TAKE NOTICE:  The Town Board of Sherman will meet in the Town      

    Hall on Tuesday evening, 7th August 2018 at 6:00 p.m. to consider and act on

    the following –


1.        Pledge of Allegiance/Roll Call of Officers/Verification of Notice

2.        Introduction of Guests/Public Comment (please be advised that there may be limited discussion of     

              info received, however no action will be taken under public comments.  Please limit comments to no more than 3 minutes.)

3.         Communications/Announcements & Reports

Clerk – Amy Slone – monthly report

Treasurer – Jerry Murrin – financial report

Chairman – Gerald Luke – monthly report

Supervisors – Gary Kessler & Robert Lepper – report on assigned activities

Fire Department – Ron King – Fire Department Report

First Responders – Daniel Slone – First Responder Report

IC Supervisor – Brad Matson – County Report

Plan Commission – Peter Hatch – PC Report

       4..        Approve New Bartender Licenses   

     5.       Springstead Billboard/Sign Hwy 182 & 47 – Update

     6.       Authorize Supervisor Attendance – WTA Convention/Meeting, Stevens Point

         7.    Approve Loan – Flowage Road Construction & Set Date for Public


     8.      Review & Approve Certified Survey Map – Boot Lake Road – Dedicating

              Additional Width Creating 66’ Wide Right of Way – Wilderness Surveying,


     9.      Conditional Use Permit Recommendation – Allow Construction of a 30’x40’

              Accessory Bldg. in an RR-1 (Residential-Recreation) Zoned District, part of    

              GV Lots 2 & 3, Section 31, Township 42N, Range 3E, Town of Sherman,  

               3799N Flowage Rd. Brian & Sue Gantner, owners.

    10.       Broadband Survey, Authorize Sending Survey with Tax Bills

    11.      Public Comment

    12.      Approval of Minutes, Payment of Vouchers

    13.      Adjournment


                   Dated this 3rd Day of August 2018



                 Gerald D Luke, Chairman

              Anyone in need of reasonable accommodation please telephone the Chairman at 715-583-9941.  The Town of Sherman is an     

              Equal Opportunity Provider.  Notice posted – Town Hall, Springstead Trading Post, Frontier Inn, Recycling Center.  Notice    

              sent – Iron County Miner, Meeting recorded by audio tape.    








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