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Town Board Meeting
Feb 22, 2018


February 22, 2018



The meeting was called to order by Chair Gerald Luke at 7:02 PM. Chair Gerald Luke stated all officers with exception of treasurer were present. Town attorney present. Chair Luke informed Iron County Miner of the meeting. Chair Luke verified the agenda was placed in 4 locations and on the website.


PUBLIC COMMENT & QUESTIONS – Board presented town attorney with questions which he answered. He will also provide more detailed written answers.


Procedures to Follow – Road Work on Flowage Road

Town attorney answered the board's questions regarding the 2018 Flowage Road project.


Agreement with Town of Mercer – Road Maintenance

Attorney provided a draft of an agreement.

Supervisor Lepper made a motion to accept this agreement for Town of Mercer to maintain 701 feet of Wilson Lake Circle and 615 feet of Turtle Flambeau Dam Road. Supervisor Kessler seconded, motion passed.


Request from resident – placement of “Dead End” Sign at interaction of Hwy 182 & Birch Road

Supervisor Lepper made a motion to put up a dead end sign at Birch road in the Spring. Supervisor Kessler seconded, motion passed.



Individuals asked why wings have been used on town plows this Winter on town roads which are designated at snowmobile routes which hasn't been the case in past years.

Business owner expressed concern about losing business with the current way snowmobile routes in town are being plowed. Chair Luke read the current procedures for snow plowing. Discussion occurred. No specific action was taken as this was not an agenda item for today's meeting. Supervisor Lepper requested this be on a future town board meeting agenda.


Supervisor Lepper made a motion to adjourn. Chair Luke seconded, motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:16 PM


Minutes approved 3/13/2018.

Amy J. R. Slone, Clerk






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