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Town Board Meeting
Dec 11, 2018



December 11, 2018



1.The meeting was called to order by Chair Gerald Luke at 6:0PM. Chair Gerald Luke stated all officers were present. Chair Luke verified the agenda was placed in 4 locations and on the website. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.




3. Appearance by Kathy Tutt, Realtor – Discussion Sale of Surplus 40 Acre Parcels

Kathy presented a comparative market analysis for the Town of Sherman 40 acre and 80 acre properties off of Flowage Road. She can get a prelim title to be sure there are no selling restrictions.



CLERK – Amy Slone reported the town has just received the renewal notices and invoices for the town and fire department insurance policies from The Horton Group. The payments are due 1/10/19 and 1/11/19, which can be approved at the regular January town board meeting.


TREASURER - Jerry Murrin presented the monthly financial report for the month of November.


CHAIRPERSON – Gerald Luke provided information on Chair's activities and correspondence.


SUPERVISOR KESSLER – Supervisor Kessler talked with Brett B. from DNR about plowing landing on Flowage Road, and learned a comparable plowing job for another town is charged $60 per plow. He also asked about snowmobile access from trail 17 to Horseshoe, however they may be waiting on this as there may be an update to the master plan. He is still looking to get snowmobile easements west of Flowage Road.


SUPERVISOR LEPPER- Supervisor Lepper attended an online marketplace seminar on the 14th of November, which was informative.


FIRE DEPARTMENT – Fire Chief Ron King stated Iron Co. Fire chiefs had their toy drive last Saturday.


FIRST RESPONDERS – No report; not present.

IRON COUNTY SUPERVISOR –No report; not present.

PLANNING COMMISSION – Peter Hatch reported no new business.


5. Wing Purchase – Truck #3 (tabled from last mtg.)

Gary Kessler got a price of $18,000 to put it on.

Supervisor Kessler made a motion to purchase the wing for Truck #3. Supervisor Lepper seconded, motion passed.


6. Request from road employees to bank vacation/sick time.

Supervisor Lepper made a motion to bank vacation and sick time up to 3 years, providing at least one member of road crew is present to work. Supervisor Kessler seconded; motion passed.


7. Update -Fill in drivers for snow plowing

Mark, Dennis and Todd are back up drivers for snow plowing. Todd has left contact information and will need to meet with the clerk for payroll information.


8. Approval of attendance – 2019 WTA District meeting Friday, 25th January in Minocqua

Chair Luke made a motion to allow attendance of the town board at the district meeting. Supervisor Kessler seconded, motion passed.


9. Snowplowing agreement with DNR (tabled from last meeting.)

Supervisor Kessler is working on this.


10. Public Comment

Peter H. shared comments regarding town land sales.


11. Approval of minutes/payment of vouchers

Supervisor Lepper made a motion to approve minutes as presented. Supervisor Kessler seconded, motion passed.


Supervisor Kessler made a motion to pay vouchers as presented. Supervisor X seconded, motiKn passed.


12. Adjournment

Supervisor Kessler made a motion to adjourn. Supervisor Lepper seconded, motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 7:27 PM



Amy J. R. Slone, Clerk

Minutes approved 1/8/2019








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