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Dec 06, 2010

DECEMBER 6, 2010

The Town Board and Clerk met at the Town Garage office with both Earl and Lon
present at 10:00 am to discuss and inspect the building for an insulation project.
Jerry Luke previously downloaded the Eco-Stud information on the plastic materials
specifically used to insulate cement wall buildings.

Lon stated the large moisture problem, especially in the winter, when all 3 trucks are
pulled into the bay. It takes about two days to dry the floor. There also is a bad fly
problem. He felt the batting insulation would wick up the moisture and multiply the
fly issue.

Earl's previous cost estimate was based on treated wood frame, batting insulation
and a cover of metal sheeting. Bob asked if there was a need to leave the glass
block windows exposed. Both stated that there was enough artificial light to cover
up the windows and save some additional heat loss.

Bob asked for other options. Earl stated that to spray the walls full of a Closed Cell
insulation was supposedly cheaper than the batting insulation. It could be done with
2x4 studs instead of the 2x6 and there is no need for a vapor barrier.

Another discussion was options to insulate the ceiling. Earl stated a blow in
cellulose insulation can be done over the batting which is up there.

Gerry Mikula suggested a cost comparison and felt the spray would do a better job
over time. Bob stated that we could spread the cost over possibly a 3 year period.
Earl felt that they could possibly do most of the work themselves. All electrical
would need to be removed. Earl and Lon will get cost estimates.

Gerry Mikula stated the 3 doors would help initially. Earl went to Park Falls and they
only have pre-hung doors and frame isn't needed. He heard that there was a Habitat
for Humanity RE-sale store in Rhinelander. They sell many donated items and we
could possibly buy inexpensive solid wood doors there. Gail will Google for
address. Jerry Luke is going to Menards and will get prices on 80" solid wood doors

The next item was the hose storage for the Fire Dept. The Board felt there was no
room in the garage without having to move it around. The rack is too heavy to place
above, and the hoses shouldn't be taken off the rack. Bob stated the hoses will not
rot and felt a previous suggestion to store in pavilion would work. A protective
covering would need to be purchased. Gerry & Jerry agreed.

Gail M. Sprangers

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