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Dec 15, 2010

DECEMBER 15, 2010

The meeting was called to order by Jerry Luke at 9:00 am. He stated all Officers
were present and the notices were placed in three locations and on the Town
Hall door.

Public Comment: None

There was discussion concerning the sale of old Town Hall. An e-mail message
was sent to Bob concerning clarification that the bathrooms were located on
lower level and the deed restriction. Scott Maloney, realtor was unaware that
Hwy. 182 was zoned commercial. Gail asked about possible repercussions
concerning earlier offer of more money than was being offered at this point.
Betty Larum questioned the one acre parcel as a build able lot. Bob stated there
is a separate tax bill and this parcel would be grandfathered.

Scott read the offer of $54,000 for the total parcel of 1.93 acres, and buyer
wishes to close ASAP. $1,000 would be paid within 3 days of acceptance, and
buyer accepted the contingency that Scott made concerning the personal
viewing of property.

After discussion, Gerry Mikula made a motion to accept counter offer of $54,000
with the extra lot. Bob Lepper seconded, motion carried.

The contingency to physically view before 12/31/10 is still in place. Jerry Luke
stated he wanted to be with Scott when buyer looks at building. It was felt by
Scott and Bob that buyer can discuss things with Jerry Luke after building is

Scott and Jerry signed forms and the Board thanked Scott. Gerry Mikula made a
motion to adjourn. Bob Lepper seconded, motion carried.

Gail M. Sprangers

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