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Jan 12, 2010

JANUARY 12, 2010

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and was called to order by Chairman
Gerald Luke at 7:00 pm. He stated all officers were present and the notices were placed
in three locations.

Jerry Luke read the vouchers. Bob Lepper made a motion to pay the vouchers as
presented. Gerry Mikula seconded, motion passed.

Public Comment: Kal Patzer commented on the condition of Flowage Road due to the
snowmobile traffic. Warm weather is predicted so a suggestion was made to plow the
center of road and perhaps sand & salt.

Gerry Mikula made a motion for the Board members to attend the WTA District meeting
in Phillips on March 13, 2010. Bob Lepper seconded, motion passed.

The parking lot/landscaping project was discussed. A quote was obtained and the
underground wiring will need to be worked out first. A workshop will be placed on the
agenda for our Monday, January 25, 2010 meeting at 9:00 am.

A quote was obtained for insulating the garage facility. R-19 batting insulation was the
cheapest at $4,300. There was no money placed in budget for items. A suggestion was
made to begin with the doors and perhaps replacement of a window.

CLERK - Gail Sprangers read the building permits issued in 2009. Information from the
insurance carrier was distributed and asked it to be placed on the next agenda.
TREASURER - Janet Gutknecht read the financial report.
CHAIRMAN - Gerald Luke read his road report and discussed the road problem form.
There were issues on Springstead and Flowage Roads due to snowmobile traffic. The
crew is in the process of ordering parts and replacing the front-end loader teeth.
SUPERVISOR - Gerry Mikula talked about information received from Waste
Management. He stated there have been many questions concerning the large
payment to the school district and increase of taxes. Information needs to be obtained
and a suggestion was made to start in Madison and the Superintendent of Public
Instruction. The next Recycling meeting is January 21, 2010.
SUPERVISOR - Bob Lepper suggested the Town do a Resolution as stated in the last
WTA magazine to opt out of County Wide Assessing as is being proposed by the Dept.
of Revenue. He distributed the weekly foreman's activity report for suggestions from
the rest of the board members.
COUNTY BOARD MEMBER - Jerry Luke stated the Dec. meeting was cancelled. LCC
met on Dec. 16th and the both the Sandy Beach Rd and McDermott Boat Landing
projects were approved. He discussed committee member voting and the upcoming
public hearing on Land Use. Pri-Ruta position of Grazer is still open. The Recycling
committee is purchasing cameras for all locations in the county. Zoning is amending all

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