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Jan 25, 2010

JANUARY 25, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am by Chairman Gerald Luke. He stated all
officers were present and verified the notices were placed in three locations.

Jerry Luke read the vouchers. Gerry Mikula made a motion to approve the vouchers
as read. Bob Lepper seconded, motion passed.

Bob Lepper made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Gerry Mikula
seconded, motion passed.

Public Comment: None.

Tom Ketchum, Insurance Agent for Horton Insurance reviewed the town's
insurance coverage. Jerry Luke asked several questions; the first being the liability
of volunteer workers. Tom stated "there is no workers compensation for
volunteers, only employees or elected officials. Citizens helping out in emergency
situations would be covered if directed by the town to do so. The town is covered
under recreational immunity as far as the snowmobile and vehicle travel on roads.
All communities deal with the same
issues." He discussed the Fire Dept. contract with an effective date for Worker's
Compensation of January 9, 2010. New invoices will be sent showing the decrease
in premiums that were paid in advance. The Board thanked Tom for all of his work in
getting the contract issued.

Len Frailich, a representative from the Lac du Flambeau Tribe, approached the
Town to join into an agreement, APAR, to obtain funds for the .06 mile of East River
Trail Rd. Len explained that the Bureau of Indian Affairs gives money for
improvement projects and both the Town and the Tribe could benefit. He suggested
we contact Vilas County and their attorney as there are even several State
Highways that are participating. There is a March 1st deadline. Gerry Mikula asked
whether the improvements would be on a 50/50 basis, and Len stated he couldn't
guarantee that. It would depend on the amount of projects and the Bureau's
approval. After much discussion, Bob Lepper made a motion to table until the next
meeting or on approval of our attorney. Gerry Mikula seconded, motion passed. The
Board thanked Len for attending.

Bob Pedersen requested to use the Town Hall for a Woodcarvers group. He
explained that they only use knives. He wasn't sure how often they would meet and
would need to get interested people to agree on schedule. Bob suggested he get the
group together and work with the clerk to schedule.

Jerry Luke received a Predator camera from Iron County Recycling for use at our
recycling center for the illegal dumping of garbage after hours. It has been effective
in Mercer. Norm can issue some permit slips for weekenders to drop off orange
bags. Iron County is also sending money towards the snowplowing of recycling site
as there was left over money this year.

JANUARY 25, 2010

Discussion of painting the garage building was next. As the insurance agent
pointed out earlier, it would now be a good idea for volunteers to do work, and the
town crew could do it when no other road work is available. The Tuck-pointing
needs to be done first and Jerry Luke will call Charlie Romandi again to see if he
could take care of it.

The Foreman's Activity Report was discussed. A suggestion to also log the location
of the activities was made. Bob will reprint the word document.

Gerry Mikula made a motion to move item #10 - Resolution Concerning County
Assessment to the end of agenda. Bob Lepper seconded, motion passed.

Jerry Luke read a report he wrote concerning the Flowage Road problems that were
brought to his attention the weekend prior. He stated that vehicle traffic is first
priority and snowmobile traffic second. He suggested to all of the businesses in
town to start attending meeting and form a Business Association. The town has
never had a bare road policy and the tourism traffic is needed. His suggestion was
that the road crew could make widening the road a reality, therefore making it able
to accommodate a snowmobile trail along side of the road. It would be for
everyone's safety. He asked if anyone had other suggestions to solve the
problems. After much public discussion, the board again decided that the center of
Flowage Road would be plowed and sanded so the vehicles know where the center
is and a committee will be formed to pursue the widening of the road.

Jerry Luke received correspondence from the superintendent of Mercer schools
and he stated that at this time there were no plans to consolidate with Hurley
schools. Bob Lepper talked with Kelly Koheygi of the Mercer School Board. She will
request a special meeting of the school board to discuss the possibility of the Town
of Sherman to move to the Mercer District. Kelly will contact Bob with the date.

Bob Lepper made a motion to approve the Operator's License for Priscilla Hintz.
Gerry Mikula seconded, motion passed.

Bob referred back to #5 on the APAR agreement. He doesn't understand the reason
why the Tribe would want that small section. Either way the taxpayers are still
funding the money and obviously the Bureau has only to gain.

The Resolution for County Wide Assessing was next. Jerry Luke handed out
copies of the resolution from the WTA magazine. Gail was asked to contact Bob
Elkins Assessor on his status and status of assessing records. Gerry Mikula made
a motion to proceed with the passage of the resolution to oppose county wide
assessing. Bob Lepper seconded, motion passed.

JANUARY 25, 2010

Future Agenda Items/Public Comment - Agenda item: Forming Flowage Rd.
Committee with a diverse group of people from town. Wayne Marose was still in
attendance and runs the groomer for the snowmobile clubs. He traveled the side of
Flowage Rd. with his snowmobile and feels there is a good possibility to have a
groomed trail alongside of the roadway. There are several spots which need fill,
trees cut down and an area where the trail will have to cross the road. The
Sno-Goers are willing to help. He feels that the safety issue is not only for the
vehicles, but the snowmobiles as well. The road needs to be looked at now with
snow, and again in spring with no snow.

Bob Lepper made a motion to adjourn. Gerry Mikula seconded. Meeting adjourned
at 11:40 am.

Gail M. Sprangers

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