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Jul 13, 2010

JULY 13, 2010

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the meeting called to order by Chairman
Gerald Luke at 7:00 pm. He stated all officers were present and the notices were posted
in the three locations, but didn't get on the website.

Public Comment: Gerry Mikula stated that Cory Meyer has two timber bids and is
obtaining more. Place on the agenda for the next meeting. Waste Management's
container overflow of orange bags was discussed. Gail stated they did not empty due to
the July 4th holiday. Tom Larum asked that when Waste Management's contract is up
we contact him. He knows of a company out of Eagle River that offers a good service for
a reasonable price.

Two members of the Mercer School Board were present: Kelly Kohegyi and Denise
Thompson. They discussed the attachment/detachment process necessary for the
students of the Town of Sherman to join the Mercer District. A petition from the
residents needs to be submitted and a referendum done. Both districts need to approve
the referendum. In Mercer, accepting the Town of Sherman and in Park Falls, accepting
our departure. Kelly and Denise both stated that the School Board and Town Board
agree with wanting the Town of Sherman students. They denied any comments made of
possible future consolidation with Hurley. A debt of approximately $450,000.00 would
follow us to Mercer. They were aware of that. The district will attend a meeting in
Rhinelander concerning the Open Enrollment issue being cut. They will keep the board
informed when a decision is made. The town board will decide at next meeting how to
put the word out to residents and place on the website.

Gerry Mikula opened the estimate from Angelo Lupino, Inc. for the McDermott Lake Boat
Landing project. He was to get with Mark Luppino and MaryJo Gingras on the
specifications. Gerry Mikula made a motion to table to the next meeting the McDermott
Boat Landing project. Bob Lepper seconded, motion carried.

Jerry Luke read the vouchers. Gerry Mikula made a motion to accept the voucher as
read. Bob Lepper seconded, motion carried. Bob Lepper made a motion to approve the
minutes as presented. Gerry Mikula seconded, motion carried.

CLERK - Gail read the June building permit report. She stated she received 3 calls from
Lupino's office for the parking lot payment. Gail suggested the board could approve the
bid amount and scrutinize the extras.
TREASURER - Jan read the ending balances for June.
BOARD - Chairman Jerry Luke thanked the Fire Dept, and the road crew for their work
on the parking lot project. He discussed the Powell Rd project, TRIP money, McDermott
Boat Landing, and the Flowage Rd. safety plan. His suggestion would be to talk with
Coleman Engineering and see what it would cost to come up with a plan. Neil Wegner
will start cutting grass again at the end of the month, up to $3,000. A power washer will
get rented and the building painted before the corn roast.

Supervisor Bob Lepper stated the entire road sign manual doesn't need to be
downloaded. He will get the town crew access. The Powell Marsh Rd. project needs a
10" apron on driveways yet. Thanked Earl for all his help. Fire Chief King will pursue
obtaining a tax exempt number from the Dept. of Revenue and also get the Fed ID
number straightened out. A lift and an airless paint sprayer will be rented for the garage
JULY 13, 2010

Bob stated the roads were already named off of Branch Rd. Red Fox Lane & W. Lepper
Rd. We need to get the signs issued and Jerry will put on the agenda at the county.

Supervisor Gerry Mikula stated there will be a joint Planning Commission and Zoning
meeting on the 14th. Recycle meeting on the 20th. John Nelson stated he would like to
set up a pre-construction meeting for August 9 on Sandy Beach culvert. Corey Meyer is
working on bids. He needs to check with MaryJo on the footage for McDermott Landing.
COUNTY - Jerry discussed the Extension meeting for Iron County youth camp. He
attended the Invasive species seminar at Springstead Lake Lodge. Heather will be at the
Town Hall on July 17th to give another presentation. It is open to the public. LCC is
working on the Sandy Beach & McDermott Landing projects.
FIRE DEPT - Ron King stated they are getting ready for the Corn Roast. The Resale
Shop will be open for the Corn Roast.
FIRST RESPONDERS - Kal Patzer stated they had 3-5 calls in the last few weeks.
PLANNING COMMISSION - Craig Crowl absent. Tom Larum stated a joint meeting will
be held in Mercer with Iron County Zoning and Sherman on July 14, 2010. The next
meeting will be in Sherman. The Town is already functioning within the Comprehensive
PUBLIC COMMENT/FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS - Jerry Luke to talk to Coleman
Engineering about a free consultation as there is no money in budget for Flowage Rd. A
well thought out plan needs to be done first. Comments made about a new Recycle
company, illegal dumping, camera, and letters sent to businesses. Jerry read the 13
petition letters he received for Murray Landing/Grant Lake Rd. It needs to be put on the 5
year plan. Public awareness of attachment process and Corey Meyer will be placed on
next agenda.

Gerry Mikula made a motion to adjourn. Bob Lepper seconded. Meeting adjourned at
8:25 am.

Gail M. Sprangers

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