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Mar 09, 2010

MARCH 9, 2010

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.
Chairman Gerald Luke stated that all officers were present and the notices were
placed in three locations and on the website.

Jerry Luke read the vouchers. Gerry Mikula made a motion to approve the vouchers
as read. Bob Lepper seconded, motion carried.

Bob Lepper made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Gerry Mikula seconded,
motion carried.

The Mine Training for the road crew was discussed. Bob will try to organize in the
next few days. Dave Vreizen stated he would come to the Town Hall if we could get
together approximately 5 people to attend. Gail will register the crew in the meantime.

Public Comment: None.

Gerry Mikula made a motion to recommend to Iron County zoning to allow the
Conditional Use Permit for Lee & Melody Schowalter. Bob Lepper seconded, motion

Corey Meyer updated the Board on the timber harvest. He stated the trees have been
marked by the gravel pit. He will take care of ads, etc. and will have things ready at
our next monthly meeting.

Gail explained that she corrected a few items on the Liquor License Ordinance and
sent them to the attorney. No response yet. Gerry Mikula made a motion to table the
ordinance pending the attorney's review. Bob Lepper seconded, motion carried.

Bob explained the detachment/attachment process of changing school districts. He
was contacted by both the Chequamegon and Mercer Districts Superintendents and
the process was explained. A move would be initiated by either a petition or a
referendum, voted on and passed in both communities. Our debt would follow us. At
this point Bob stated we can do nothing or have the town attorney crunch some
number to see if we could become an asset to Mercer. Jerry Luke will contact
attorney to attend the annual meeting in April and answer questions from the public.

CLERK - Gail Sprangers reported that there weren't any building permits issued in
2010. The insurance agent is requesting a lease agreement for the Fire Dept.
equipment from the Town. There will be a spring election on Tues. April 6th. Also
there is a District meeting on Sat. March 13 in Phillips and the Northwest Regional
Planning Commission meeting on Wed. March 17 in Mercer.
TREASURER - Janet Gutknecht read her ending balance sheet for February 2010.
CHAIRMAN - Jerry Luke stated the Flowage Road Committee safety report is
finished and gave the board members a copy. He discussed the mine safety issue,
time reports, road limit permits and a future meeting to discuss foreman's report and
other upcoming projects.
SUPERVISOR - Gerry Mikula, no report.
SUPERVISOR - Bob Lepper had concerns over the foreman's report. A meeting was
set for Thurs. March 12, at 10:00 am to address the issue.
COUNTY - Jerry Luke stated there was a split vote on the remodeling permits and
inspectors. The next Recycling meeting is April 21st.
FIRE DEPT - Ron King reminded everyone of the excavating that would be going on.
He discussed some dispatching problems and radios.
PLANNING COMMISSION - CUP addressed earlier.
PUBLIC COMMENT - Paul Gottwald stated a letter that he received back from Direct
TV had several inaccurate statements.

Bob Lepper made a motion to adjourn. Gerry Mikula seconded. Meeting adjourned at
8:30 pm.

Gail M. Sprangers

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