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Sep 13, 2010

SEPTEMBER 13, 2010

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. The meeting was called to order by Chairman
Gerald Luke at 7:05 pm. He stated all officers were present and the notices were placed in
three locations.

Public Comment: None

Jerry Luke read the vouchers. Gerry Mikula made a motion to accept the vouchers as
read. Bob Lepper seconded, motion carried.

Bob Lepper made a motion to accept the minutes as presented. Gerry Mikula seconded,
motion carried.

Tom Larum, Planning Commission representative stated that a motion to deny the
Conditional Use Permit for Dr. Dan Ongna on Clarke Lane was the recommendation
from the Planning Commission to the Town Board, based on a covenant on that private
section. Gerry Mikula made a motion to deny the CUP for Dr. Dan Ongna. Bob Lepper
seconded, motion carried.

Next there was a discussion on the Utility Room and other equipment functions. Jerry
Luke read his notes from a previous meeting. He will schedule Klopatek Plumbing to
come to a future meeting, and try to help us with some issues. A suggestion from the
audience was to negotiate a paid employee position to be on call for problems and

Bob stated that Jake's Tree Service has completed the storm damage work. An opinion
on the clean-up of private roads was received from both the WTA attorney and the
Town's attorney. Both opinions were that the town is unable to do clean-up efforts on
private roads. The town can open roads for emergency vehicles. The information has
been forwarded to Tom Mowbray.

The clerk was asked to contact the Assessor and invite him to the next meeting.

CLERK - Gail read the August building permit report and reminded everyone of the
election on Tuesday, September 14, 2010.
TREASURER - Jan read the ending balances as of August 31, 2010.
CHAIRMAN - Jerry Luke stated future agenda items of: adjust and amend budget, set
budget meeting, employee evaluations, Coleman Engineering, & a winter road
maintenance workshop. A suggestion from the audience was to include some
landscaping and a hydraulic brush for trucks. The road certification has been sent in. He
thanked Patricia and the Donation Committee for the signage. The attorney general is
sponsoring an Open Meeting & Open Records seminar in Wausau on Tues. Oct. 5.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2010

SUPERVISOR - Gerry Mikula reported the metal clean up went well other than an injury.
Two vehicles will be removed by Durand shortly. The cement slabs have been placed at
the McDermott Lake landing and will be blacktopped tomorrow. Recycle meeting on Wed.
Sept. 15, 2010.
SUPERVISOR - Bob Lepper had no items.
COUNTY - Jerry Luke stated there will be an advisory referendum on the Nov. ballot
concerning removal of funds from the Transportation Fund to balance the General Fund.
A new office was created by resolution with total control to the county board. A job
description and duties was requested. Suicide prevention week was approved. Pri-Ruta
met & re-elected Mary Williams as president. LCC addressed the budget and Asian Carp.
They will tour all projects on Wed. Sept. 29 to include Sandy Beach and McDermott
Landing. An ordinance draft will be done on mandatory fire #s and the naming of private
FIRE DEPT - Tom Larum stated one false alarm call on Book Lake Rd. Wed. evening at
6:30 there will be a showing in the Town Hall of the largest wild fire in Minong.
FIRST RESPONDERS - Kal Patzer stated there was a roll-over near town hall. No
helicopter. The Park Falls ambulance was called to intercept as IV was needed.
PLANNING COMMISSION - Jerry Luke stated the County is reviewing the
Comprehensive Plans.

The timber sale contract was discussed. Gerry Mikula made a motion to approve the
timber sale contract. Bob Lepper seconded, motion carried. Bob had concerns about
completion date. Gerry will discuss with Kenny Meyers. Gerry Mikula made a motion to
rescind previous motion of approval and table to second meeting. Bob Lepper seconded,
motion carried.

Public Comment/Future Agenda - Check Signing Ordinance; Meeting with Mercer Town
Board on school issue; Review & amend 2010 budget; Employee evaluations;
Preliminary Budget meeting Tues. Sept. 28 10:00 am; Double EE Rd.; Crack Sealing;
Recycling substitute.

Bob Lepper made a motion to adjourn. Gerry Mikula seconded. Meeting adjourned at
8:40 pm.

Gail M. Sprangers

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