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Board of Review
Aug 20, 2012


AUGUST 20, 2012


The Board of Review was called to order at 6:00 pm. Present were Paul Carlson, Assessor; Town of Sherman Officers, Patricia Matula, Teri Meyer, Gail Sprangers & Janet Gutknecht. Don Wescott, absent.


Teri Meyer made a motion to nominate Patricia Matula as Chairperson for the Board of Review. Patricia seconded, motion carried.


Patricia made a motion to nominate Teri as Vice-Chair. Teri seconded, motion carried.


Patricia stated that all members had attended the mandatory training requirement at a WTA training session, and that Janet Gutknecht was one of the appointed alternate members.


Gail, Clerk of the Board of Review, verified receipt of the 2012 Assessment Roll and signed the appropriate paperwork. She stated that no-one had registered in the 48 hour period to be present at the

Board of Review.


Assessor, Paul Carlson presented a snapshot of the 2012 Assessment, and walked through the booklets that he put together for the boards examination.


The Board of Review remained in session for the two hours mandated by state statutes.


Teri made a motion to adjourn the Board of Review. Patricia seconded. Board of Review adjourned at 8:00 pm.




Gail M. Sprangers


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