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Town Board Meeting
Feb 14, 2012


FEBRUARY 14, 2012


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the meeting called to order by Chair Patricia Matula at 7:00 pm. She verified all Officers were present and the notices were placed in four locations and on the website.


Teri Meyer made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Don Wescott seconded, motion carried.


Patricia read the vouchers. Teri made a motion to approve the vouchers as read. Don seconded, motion carried.


Public Comment: A question was asked on how much money was saved by changing propane vendors.



CLERK – Gail announced that as of March 1, 2012 the employee share of Social Security tax will revert back to 6.2% from 4.2%. There will be an election on April 3rd, and photo Id's will be required.

TREASURER – Janet read the financial statement ending January 31, 2012.

CHAIRPERSON – Patricia reported the new thermostat in Town Hall seems to be holding the temperature. She is still dealing with Honeywell as fas as reimbursement. The automatic propane vendor was released. Tanks and prices will be monitored. Iron Cty. Emergency government received a grant to update the mitigation plan.

SUPERVISORS – Teri is working with Sherry Otto of the DNR to burn the brush pit. A one time burn permit may be obtained providing all requirements are met. She questioned the ownership of Randall Lake boat landing, and with check with the IC register of deeds.

Don reported on a clean up company that sent us information. The company does not pay the township for clean up materials collected.

FIRE DEPT – Ron stated it has been quiet. They are going over 5 yr. Plan. Need to do updating in pavilion and parking for corn roast. Changes coming for radios again. By Sept./Oct., they will need to go back to narrow band. There continues to be problems with Sheriffs Dept. Their own repeater can help and if there will be no base station in garage, they could use that repeater. Also, doing repeat classes on ice rescue.


COUNTY SUPERVISOR – Jerry Luke reported on LCC, Pri-Ruta, & Iron County Recycling. Zoning will reduce the price of 2009 Plat books. Home energy program is good program for those who cannot afford to update homes. The mine issue passed the Assembly and is now before the Senate.


Teri made a motion to authorize the 5 members of the Board to attend the WTA District meeting on March 9th, 2012.


Patricia & Don attended a meeting on the purchase of a new Park Falls ambulance in 2013. The Town of Sherman's share will be $12,145.00. The Town's share is based on equalized value. This was implemented many years ago. The cost of a new ambulance is $160,000. Old ones are unable to be sold. Cost will need to be figured in budget for 2013.


Don volunteered to research the entry door and cement issue. He will report back at the March mtg.




FEBRUARY 14, 2012


A discussion surrounding the purchase of new radios for the garage equipment followed. A quote was received from Northway Communications for $2,056.00. The quote included 4 Motorola radios with antennas, (2 yr. warranty), the FCC License modification and an installation fee of $525.00. Lon can install and he also found the same Motorola radios on a website for $299.99. Not sure if warranty is the same. Some checking needs to be done. Don made a motion to authorize the purchase of 4 radios and 2 antennas pending warranty. Teri seconded, motion carried.


Patricia reported the former Donations Committee had a balance in account of $497.80. It was given to Treasurer and placed in the building maintenance fund. The quilters would like to donate a peg board for the storage room to be used by everyone. Teri made a motion to approve the donation of peg board in storage room of Town Hall. Don seconded, motion carried.


A letter from Springstead Lake Lodge was read requesting a liquor serving area premise extension. Teri made a motion to approve to extend the liquor serving area for February 25, 2012 for Springstead Lake Lodge. Don seconded, motion carried.


Upon the advise of the Town attorney and Insurance carrier recommendation to rescind the ban on weapons; Don made a motion to rescind the resolution adopted October 11, 2011 for ban on weapons. Teri seconded, motion carried.


A request to road crew will be made to start sign inventory, so signs, posts and brackets can be ordered.


There has been no word on the grant application for Powell Rd. More trees need to be cut. Patricia wrote to engineering firms in January, but has had no contact from any of the firms.


Patricia read some of Earl's leave proposal. Don made a motion to decline Earl's proposal as written. Teri seconded, motion carried. A Closed meeting was set for Friday February 24th, 2012 at 7:30 am to discuss & draft a counter proposal. Patricia would also like to discuss road limit permits.


Public Comment: Questions were raised concerning the mandate to share in Ambulance service fees, the billboard on Hwy. 182 & 47, and charges for people who call for emergency services.


Teri made a motion to adjourn. Don seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.




Gail M. Sprangers



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