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Town Board Meeting
Apr 10, 2017



April 10, 2017


Agenda #


#1 The meeting was called to order by Chair Gerald Luke at 12:30 p.m.

Chair Luke stated that Supervisor Gerald Mikula was present, along with incoming Supervisor Gary Kessler, deputy clerk Tracy Murrin, DNR representatives Jeff Pennucci, and Brett Bockhop. Chair Luke verified that the agenda was placed in 4 locations and on the website. Attendance sheet was signed by those who attended.



#2 Jeff Pennucci discussed possible funding that could be applied toward the future Flowage Road Project and answered questions asked by those in attendance. He will contact Chair Luke by Friday to provide funding answers.


# 3 No formal action taken.


Meeting adjourned at 1:10


Tracy Murrin, Deputy Clerk


Minutes approved 5/9/2017.


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