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Aug 08, 2017

                                                   TOWN OF SHERMAN BOARD MEETING

                                                                       August 8, 2017


The meeting was called to order by Chair Gerald Luke at 6:01 PM. Chair Gerald Luke stated all officers were present.  Chair Luke verified the agenda was placed in 4 locations and on the website. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Public Comment & Questions – Nancy O. asked a question regarding speaker systems budgeted amount. Nancy O. also asked  about Jim W’s plans to continue on the school board.



Communications/Announcements & Reports

Clerk – Amy Slone stated one building permit had been issued this month. The board of review was completed 8/8/17.

Treasurer – Jerry Murrin provided the monthly financial report and answered questions.

Chairman – Gerald Luke provided information on correspondence and chair activities. He gave a reminder that all communications should be conducted in a polite and courteous manner.

Supervisor – Gray Kessler reported that Price Electric assisted in taking down some trees near powerlines, working with highway crew. New fuel tank pumps and meters were installed. The crew continues to mow the sides of roads, and have taken down some problem trees. He contacted Jeff P. and learned it will be a month before finding out about funding for Flowage Road.

Supervisor – Robert Lepper did not have items to report, having just been appointed to the board to fill a vacancy.

 Ron King provided a report on fire department activities, including assisting with a booth at the Iron County Fair. Everything is ready for the annual corn roast.

First Responders – Brad Matson – Not present; no report

Iron County Supervisor – Brad Matson – Not present; no report. Chair reported he attended the last first responder meeting.

Plan Commission – Peter Hatch reported there is a rezoning application that has come in with a hearing next month.

School Board Member – James Wilson – Not present; no report


Bid Opening – Sandy Beach Road Resurfacing Using Reclaimed Blacktop

The town received one bid of $30,650 from James Peterson Sons, Inc for graded compacted asphalt for Sandy Beach Road. Supervisor Lepper and treasurer Jerry Murrin shared concerns regarding the current 5 year road plan and road prioritizations. A meeting was set for Tuesday at 9:00 AM to further discuss.


Metal Cleanup, 1st & 2nd Sept., Advertising, Workers Schedule

Chair Luke shared a flyer he made for the annual end of Summer Town of Sherman metal clean-up.

Recycling attendant and at least one highway crewman will work. Chair Luke stated he plans to work as well. Supervisor Lepper made a motion to put the flyer as an ad in Park Falls Herald and Iron County Miner. Supervisor Kessler seconded, motion passed.


Authorize Person to Substitute for Attendant When Needed – Recycling

Chair Luke stated Duane K. offered to be a substitute recycling attendant. Supervisor Lepper made a motion for Duane K. be a substitute attendant. Supervisor Kessler seconded, motion passed.


Draft Written Guidelines - Participation of Electors at Annual Meetings

Chair Luke discussed having a written draft regarding guidelines of participation of electors at annual meetings, based on state statutes.


Written Guidelines – Public Comments & Reports at Town Board Meetings

Chair Luke shared thoughts on creating a written guideline.


Authorize Speaker System and Microphone Update/Tune Up

Supervisor Lepper will try to contact a person who had installed the town hall meeting room speaker system.



Progress Report – Outside Light & Notice Board

Chair Luke shared information regarding these from Kal P. Supervisor Kessler shared the town does have a pole that could be used for an outside light.


Resolution & Letter for Donation of Land on Flowage Road to DNR

Chair Luke shared correspondence with from town attorney and suggested a resolution.Supervisor Kessler made a motion to approve Resolution # 1-2017. Supervisor Lepper seconded. Roll call vote:

Chair Luke- yes, Supervisor Kessler – yes, Supervisor Lepper- yes.


Authorize Attendance – Fall Town & Village Workshop, Minocqua, 7 Sept 2017    

        And Road Supervisor PASER & WISLR Seminar, Tomahawk, 11 Aug 2017

Kessler made motion to approve 2 attendees at Fall Workshop and one attendee for PASER training.   Lepper seconded, motion passed.


Fireworks Ordinance Request  

Chair Luke shared thoughts on having more guidelines on fireworks ordinance regulations.


Approval of Vouchers/Approval of Minutes

Kessler made a motion to approve the vouchers. Supervisor Lepper seconded, motion passed.

Supervisor Lepper made a motion to approve minutes as presented. Supervisor Lepper seconded, motion passed.


Public Comment/Future Agenda Items

Bob Lepper shared concerns and asked questions about reclaimed asphalt use and possibility of additional use on other town roads.


Treasurer  Murrin asked about the $2000 expenditure for the broadband tower. Supervisor Lepper will attend the next county meeting regarding this.



Supervisor Lepper made a motion to adjourn. Supervisor Kessler seconded, motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:24 PM.



Amy J. R. Slone, Clerk


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