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Town Board Meeting
Feb 14, 2017



February 14, 2017



The meeting was called to order by Chair Gerald Luke at 6:00 PM. Chair Gerald Luke stated all officers were present and verified the agenda was placed in 4 locations and on the website.


Supervisor Mikula made a motion to move to closed session. Supervisor Lepper seconded, motion passed. Roll call vote: Supervisor Lepper: yes. Supervisor Mikula: yes. Chair Luke: yes. Town board moved to closed session at 6:01 PM.


Supervisor Lepper made a motion to move to open session. Supervisor Mikula seconded; motion passed. Roll call vote: Supervisor Mikula: yes. Supervisor Lepper: yes. Chair Luke: yes.


Open session for town board meeting resumed at 6:27pm.


Chair Luke made a motion to fill the positions on the town highway department after contact with and acceptance from the selected people. Supervisor Mikula seconded; motion passed.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


PUBLIC COMMENT & QUESTIONS – Ron K. asked if the Chair met with Park Falls Ambulance.



CLERK – Amy Slone reported the town has received a bill from Gogebic Range.Net for $2,000 for the Iron County Broadband project-broadcast equipment Turtle Flowage fire tower. Board confirmed this had previously been approved by the town. There will be an election on 2/21/17. The public test of the voting machine for this election will be held on 1/15/17 at 4:30pm.


TREASURER - Jerry Murrin presented the monthly financial report. He shared information regarding two delinquent property owners regarding tax payments.


CHAIRPERSON – Gerald Luke provided information on Chair's activities and correspondence. Chair commented on meeting with Park Falls Flambeau Hospital nurse regarding ambulance service, town meeting room carpet installation, and WI Town Association District meeting he attended.


SUPERVISOR LEPPER – Supervisor Lepper stated he had no report.


SUPERVISOR MIKULA - Supervisor Mikula stated at last county recycling meeting, the county has talked with Eagle Waste, however Iron county has decided to continue contract with Waste Management. He shared ton figures collected last year for the county. There will be an economic development meeting this Thursday 2/16/17. March 14th there will be a meeting for businesses doing business with governments.


FIRE DEPARTMENT – Fire Chief Ron King stated that Saturday 1/18/17 the DNR will put on a wildfire fighting seminar 8am-3pm. Chief King received and will be renewing the contract with DNR. He shared information on difference between fire districts (WI does not currently have) versus TOWN OF SHERMAN BOARD MEETING PAGE 2 of 2

February 14, 2017


municipal fire departments.


FIRST RESPONDERS – No report; not present.

IRON COUNTY SUPERVISOR –No report; not present.


PLANNING COMMISSION – Peter Hatch reported there was one conditional use permit application submitted, but plan commission did not meet as the application was incomplete. He is in contact with the Iron County Zoning department regarding this.


SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER– No report; not present. James Wilson contacted Chair Luke to share he had a meeting conflict today, but plans to attend the March town monthly meeting.


ACOUSTIC REMEDY COMMITTEE -Helen Van Prooyen thanked Nancy Osgood and Jerry Luke for their help. She also thanked AC Carpet for their good work. Nancy Osgood has left a message for Jeff Bocci, acoustics expert, to see if he could do a post assessment now that the carpeting has been installed in the townohall meeting room.


Chair heard from Patricia M. who was inquiring if she could buy one wooden chair. Chair Luke made motion to purchase chair for $10 to Patricia Matula. Supervisor Lepper seconded; motion passed.


Chair Luke made a motion to table the CUP Application by Kurt & Heidi Meyer to operate a tourist rooming house as plan commission did not meet on this as the application is incomplete. Lepper seconded, motion passed.


Supervisor Lepper made a motion to approve minutes as presented. Supervisor Mikula seconded, motion passed.

Mikula made a motion to pay vouchers as presented. Supervisor Lepper seconded, motion passed.



Chair Luke had received mail regarding a request to join an independent assessor agency.


Supervisor Mikula made a motion to adjourn. Supervisor Lepper seconded, motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 7:34PM


Minutes approved on 3/14/2017.





Amy J. R. Slone, Clerk



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