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Town Board Meeting
Nov 07, 2017


November 7, 2017



The meeting was called to order by Chair Gerald Luke at 9:03 AM. Chair Gerald Luke stated all officers were present. Chair Luke verified the agenda was placed in 4 locations.


Public Comment & Questions– Jerry Luke made comment on a recent rezoning application. Ron King stated all private roads with 3 or more homes are required to be named. Bob Lepper circulated drafts of business cards for town officials. Bob also provided the board with a draft policy for use of town brush dump. Jerry Luke made comment on a request he received regarding some teenagers contributing to the town in some way.


Supervisor Lepper made a motion to approve the request from the fire department for a Price Electric street light on the car park area on the south side of the town hall, to be funded by the fire department. Supervisor Kessler seconded, motion passed.


Supervisor Kessler made a motion to authorize putting up fencingfor collection of metal items during the year in the area south of town garage. Supervisor Lepper seconded, motion passed.


The board commenced with the budget workshop. The expenditures and revenues were reviewed and discussed. Further review and board approval will occur at 11/14/17 monthly board meeting.


Public Comment/Future Agenda Items- Jerry Luke checked with the county regarding an anonymous zoning complaint and regarding complaints for “junk” in yards.


Supervisor Lepper made a motion to adjourn. Supervisor Kessler seconded, motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 11:56 AM.



Amy J. R. Slone, Clerk

Minutes approved 11/14/17

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