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Town Board Meeting
Oct 03, 2017

   Town of Sherman Board Meeting

October 3, 2017


Meeting called to order at 9:05 a.m. by Chairman Gerald Luke. Supervisor(s) Gary Kessler and Robert Lepper, as well as Treasurer, Jerry Murrin, Deputy Clerk, Tracy Murrin, and road crew were in attendance. Chair Luke verified that meeting notices were posted.


Public Comment: Discussed the residential use of town pit, driveway permits for logging, road crew verifying that residents have been issued permits when applicable. Also, ensure that town website specifies when a building/land use permit is required. Supervisor Lepper purchased a laptop, ethernet, and wireless mouse for $250 for the garage . Will provide tutorial for Supervisor Lepper and road crew at conclusion of meeting.

Luke received a receipt that the road certification was received on time. Kessler will work on the WISL. Lepper provided quote on business cards.

Kessler might be absent for the monthly board meeting due to seminar.

Also discussed possible need for speed limit signs for certain roads.

Discussed option of leasing another truck if needed instead of paying for the repairs needed for the International Truck which would go over budget.

It was suggested that local businesses post notices to snowmobilers to respect roads, slow down, and stay on the right had side.

Ask our County Supervisor, Brad Matson, if he could help us find funding for our roads.


Review/Adjust 5-year road plan: Reviewed what has been completed and what still needs to be addressed. Discussed Flowage Road at length. Complete Flowage Road over 5 year period or borrow money. Road assessment needs to be updated to reflect 24’ instead of 26’. Town needs to submit applications for grants or other funds for our town roads.

Four major concerns:

Re-chip sealing

Crack Sealing

Flowage Road



Winter Road Maintenance Policy: Chair Luke presented a written guide to those in attendance. Road crew verified town policy on plowing.


2018 Town of Sherman Budget: The road plan is largest part of budget. Jerry Murrin suggested a better format be used for the 5 year road maintenance plan to help prioritize projects. He will create a document and give to Gary and road crew. Budget needs to be completed in November.

Kessler made a motion to adjourn meeting. Lepper seconded. Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.


Tracy Murrin, Deputy Clerk

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