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Town Board Meeting
Sep 19, 2017


September 19, 2017


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Gerald Luke at 9:20 a.m. Supervisors Gary Kessler and Robert Lepper, Treasurer, Gerard Murrin and Deputy Clerk, Tracy Murrin were present.

Chair Luke verified that the meeting notices were posted.

Public Comment: Luke updated the status of the outside light project. Gary Kessler discussed current maintenance issues with the International truck.

The winter road maintenance plan is to dispatch plow trucks when there is a minimum of 3” of snow.

Open Bids for Reclaimed Blacktop: Two bids were submitted. The Peterson bid was lowest @ $6.50/yd. Several questions and concerns were brought up by Bob Lepper regarding application of material, effectiveness, storage, and prep procedures for this material. Kessler made a motion to accept the Peterson bid. Chair Luke seconded. One opposed. Motion passed.

Laptop Request: Luke made a motion to purchase a laptop for the garage with a budget of $300. Lepper seconded. Motion approved.

Authorize attendance to attend meeting: Bob made a motion to approve Kessler to attend the Wisconsin Town Association 70th annual convention from October 8th-10th in Stevens Point. Kessler seconded. Motion passed.

Authorize Business Cards: Lepper will get quotes for business cards to be printed for Board Members and Town employees. Will be included on a future meeting agenda.

Complete Road Certification Form and work on WISLR/PASER reports: The road certification was completed and mailed. Lepper provided information and direction to Kessler to finish the WISLR/PASER report.

Kessler made a motion to adjourn. Lepper seconded. Meeting adjourned at 10:50.


Deputy Clerk, Tracy Murrin

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