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Ambulance Services Meeting
Dec 15, 2014

News Release

The Town of Sherman is calling an informational meeting on Monday, December 15, 2014 at 7:00 P.M. The purpose of the meeting is to inform and hear resident’s opinions regarding the following:

The Town of Sherman First Responders have requested that the Town Board consider moving the current dividing line between ambulance services. Currently every residence east of Mirror Lake Road on a line running north and south is covered by the Mercer Ambulance Service. Every residence west of Mirror Lake Road is covered by the Park Falls Ambulance Service. The main reason cited is distance and time needed to reach a potential patient. The First Responders assert that the distance should be equal; that would put the dividing line at about Flowage Road. If this were to take place, Mercer Ambulance service would be responsible for 70% of the Town of Sherman’s population and Park Falls responsible for 30% of the population, instead of the reverse as it is now.

The officers of the town have interviewed each ambulance service and will present the information they received regarding the services during the first part of the meeting, on December 15, 2014. The second part of the meeting will be an *orderly public comment period. The public comments, although a consideration in the town board’s final decision, will be advisory only.

Besides distance and time to reach a potential patient, the type of service each ambulance service can or cannot administer needs to be considered by residents. Regardless of which service responds to a resident’s 911 call, the patient or family would still have the choice of which hospital the patient is transported to.

It is the hope of the Sherman Town Board that residents attend this meeting and voice their preferences. Ultimately, the Town Board has the responsibility by State Statute to decide how residents of the town receive ambulance service. This meeting will be informational only and the Town Board will make the final decision at a later date as there is additional information needed from the Town of Mercer town board.


  • *Public Comment will require a sign in before the meeting of intention to address the Town Board and the public. (Persons will be called upon to comment off the sign-up sheet).
  • Threeminutes will be allotted to each presenter.



Anyone in need of reasonable accommodation (example hearing needs) please contact the Chairperson at 715-583-7800. The Town of Sherman is an Equal Opportunity Provider.

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