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Walleye experiment meeting(Mercer)
Feb 06, 2017

   Want more walleye in Wisconsin lakes? We need your input

Public Comment Requested


Tyler Tunney (ttunney@wisc.edu) or Eric Pedersen (eric.pedersen@wisc.edu), primary contacts or Steve Carpenter (steve.carpenter@wisc.edu), Project Lead, Center for Limnology UW-Madison


Walleye are a popular species for many Wisconsin anglers. Many lakes contain healthy numbers of walleye with good reproduction, but walleye populations are declining in some Wisconsin lakes.


Attempts to improve walleye populations have included habitat work, stocking and regulation changes with various combinations of each. These efforts have helped improve populations in some lakes, but we’ve found no “cure-all” solution to improving all walleye populations. We are proposing to conduct an experiment that would attempt to improve walleye numbers – full-scale reduction of bass and sunfish species.


It is thought that large numbers of bass and sunfish can make it difficult for walleye populations to thrive. In the last 30 years, we’ve noticed that some lakes have changed from walleye – dominated lakes, to largemouth bass dominated lakes with very high numbers of small-sized sunfish. To increase the number of walleye in a lake, we’re proposing to remove a large number of bass and sunfish (rock bass, pumpkinseed, crappies, and bluegills) from that lake.


The main goal of the experiment would be to: 1) reduce the numbers of largemouth bass and sunfish, 2) improve walleye spawning and survival, and 3) ultimately increase the numbers of adult walleye in the selected lake. Note: This experiment would be done on only ONE lake, and would be conducted to understand bass and sunfish influences on walleye survival and reproduction.


Several public meetings have been scheduled to discuss this approach to improving walleye populations. We’ve identified a number of lakes where this experiment might be successful. Now, we need your help selecting the candidate lake.


Lakes under consideration in Iron County:

McDermott Lake

Sandy Beach Lake


Public meeting is scheduled for:

Mercer: February 6th 6:30-8:00PM at the Mercer Town Clerk’s Office 2657 Railroad St., Mercer WI

For a complete list of lakes that are being considered for this experiment, check out the fact sheet at http://tinyurl.com/sunfish-removal. We also welcome direct comments via the mail or e-mail. Mail comments to:

Bass-Walleye Study

Center for Limnology

680 N Park St. Madison, WI 53706.


See e-mail contact information at the top of the page.


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