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Letter to Clarify/Define Ambulance Service
Jul 16, 2017


3063W Hwy 182

Springstead, Wisconsin, 54552


May 2017


Letter to Clarify/Define Ambulance Service in our town


Dear Town of Sherman Resident:


Presently the Town of Sherman, Iron County, is served by two ambulance services. On the east end of town, up to Mirror Lake Road, Mercer Ambulance will respond to an emergency. On the west end of town, from Mirror Lake Road, Park Falls Ambulance will respond. The town contributes to Park Falls Ambulance when a new ambulance is purchased and pays a set fee to The Town of Mercer for ambulance service. The Town of Sherman also sponsors a First Responder Service that does an outstanding job assisting emergency situations requiring ambulance assistance.


Persons requiring an ambulance may request of such ambulance to be taken to hospital of their choice, however due to circumstances at the time this may not always be possible. The Town of Sherman First Responders or governing body of the town does not have immediate control of the ambulance. The ambulance is under control of hospital or doctor, and best emergency needs of the patient are taken under consideration.


The Town Board of Sherman is indebted and appreciative of the services of the two ambulance services and our first responders in The Town of Sherman.




Gerald D Luke, Chairman


Gerald Mikula, Supervisor


Gary Kessler, Supervisor

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