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Annual Town Meeting
Apr 16, 2019



3063W Hwy 182

Springstead, Wisconsin, 54552


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: The Annual Meeting of the Town of Sherman will take place on Tuesday evening 16th April 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in the Sherman Town Hall.


Working Agenda


  1. Pledge of Allegiance/Call to Order

  2. Reading & Approval of Minutes from last Meeting & Meeting of Electors

  3. Clerk & Treasurers Combination Financial Report will be given to the Electors – Chair will ask if there are any questions or comments as each section is read.

  4. Approval of Financial Report

  5. Reports from:



Fire Department

First Responders

County Board Supervisor

Plan Commission


Woman’s Club


Springstead Quilters

Recycling & Cleanup Days

6. Sale of Town Owned Lands – Request for Approval of Electors

7. Any Item of Concern from An Elector to the Town Board

8. Annual Meeting Business – Open Agenda Subject to SS 60 & 60.11

9. Set 2020 Annual Meeting Date.

10. Request from Chair to Adjourn & Adjournment of Annual Meeting

Dated this 2nd Day of April 2019


Gerald D Luke

Chairman, Town of Sherman

Anyone in need of reasonable accommodation please telephone the Chairman at 715-583-9941. The Town of Sherman is an Equal Opportunity Provider. Notice posted: Town Hall, Recycling Center, Springstead Trading Post, Frontier Inn and Web Site. Notice Sent: Iron County Miner. Meeting recorded digitally.


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