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Plan Commission Meeting
Sep 05, 2017

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: The Plan Commission of the Town of Sherman will
meet in the Town Hall, W3063 Hwy 182, on Tuesday, September 5, 2017 at 7:00
p.m. to consider and act on the following.
(Please note members of the Town Board may be in attendance but no Town Board
action is to be taken.)
1. Call to Order/Roll Call of Members/Verification of Notice
2. Review and Approval of minutes
3. Public Comment
4. Application by Victoria Cowan to Rezone from an F-1 (Forestry) District to a
RR-1 (Residential Recreation) District, Part of the E 1⁄2 of the NE 1⁄4 of the
NE 1⁄4, Section 21, Township 41 North, Range 2 East, Town of Sherman, in
accordance to future Land Use Plan. Site address is Hay Creek Road. Victoria
Cowan, owner.
5. Application to allow the construction of a 32’ x 45’ accessory building in an
RR-1 (Residential-Recreational) zoned District located in Lot 1 of CSM 561,
Section 21, Township 41 North, Range 3 East, Town of Sherman (site address
is Peninsula Road) George & Donna Wienold, owners.
6. Public Comment
7. Adjournment
Dated August 22, 2017
Peter Hatch
Chairperson, Sherman Plan Commission
Agenda sent: Tracy Murrin, Helen Van Prooyen, Nancy Osgood, Tom Mowbray, Peter Hatch, Gerald Luke
Notice Posted: Springstead Trading Post, Town Hall, and the Recycling Center  

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