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Plan Commission Minutes
Apr 03, 2017


   Town of Sherman Plan Commission Meeting

                          April 3, 2017


The meeting was called to order @ 7:00 p.m. by Chairman, Peter Hatch.

Verification made that notices were posted. Going forward, it is only required that verification notices of meetings be posted at one location and the town website per municipal /state statues.

All members were present: Peter Hatch, Helen Van Prooyen, Tracy Murrin, Tom Larum, Nancy Osgood.

Approval of Minutes: Previous meeting minutes were reviewed. Peter Hatch made a motion to approve. Helen seconded, but asked that full names of all members of plan commission be added to the meeting minutes. All approved. Motion passed.

Public Comment: Gerald Luke announced that 2 new town road crew employees were hired and have begun to work.


Application by Kurt and Heidi Meyer: The application to allow the operation of a tourist rooming house in an RR-1 (Residential Recreation) zoned district was reviewed. The septic and rental agreement paperwork were resubmitted on a revised application. Adjoining and nearby neighbors were notified. One concern regarding excessive noise was raised. Objection was withdrawn with the explanation that recourse would be possible in the event that a rooming house violates ordinance rules. Tom made a motion to make a recommendation to the board to approve the application. It should include a maximum occupancy of 4 guests and an addendum needs to be made to change the property description on application from section 21 to 23. Tracy seconded. All approved. Motion passed.


Discussion of draft proposal for a Town of Sherman Tourist Rooming House Ordinance: Peter asked that suggestions on the proposed ordinance should be e-mailed to him. Peter suggested that we seek legal counsel to see if we can use a resolution/guideline instead of ordinance and still achieve objectives. Tom suggested that we verify if liability insurance is a requirement.


Public Comment: Tom announced that his tenure with the Plan Commission was up and this would be his last meeting.


Tom made a motion to adjourn meeting. Nancy seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.


Tracy Murrin, Secretary

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