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Policies & Procedures

Regular Town Board Meetings


The manner in which regular town board meetings are conducted needs some clarification. First there is the difference between a “Town Meeting” and a “Town Board Meeting”.


  • Town Meetings – are held annually. At these meetings all electors can comment throughout the meeting, on agenda items or any concern, (“with the town meeting chairperson maintaining order and decorum” S.S. 60.13 (3).


  • Town Board Meetings – are held at least monthly. This is a meeting for the town board members to conduct town business. It is the only opportunity for town board members to discuss and decide on town business and stay in compliance with “Open Meeting” laws.


  • The Town Chair makes up the agenda that includes “Public Comment” periods, during these periods the governmental body may discuss any matters raised by the public (S.S. 19.82 (2).


  • In our township there are two public comment periods on every agenda. The first public comment period is before all items the board will be discussing. It is at this part of the meeting any elector may bring up additional information or render an opinion on the agenda items.


  • Once the public comment period is over, the agenda items are only discussed by board members. There should be no additional input from the public unless actually called on to clarify an item.


  • The second “Public Comment” period comes at the end of the meeting and is the opportunity for the attending public to make comments on what has transpired or suggest agenda items for the next meeting. Discussion by the Town Board can take place, but no decisions can be made at that time.


As a result of one meeting per month, there are usually 8 to 12 items on any agenda that need to be discussed and decided, which is why the Town Board would appreciate your cooperation in adhering to the correct format of the meetings. This gives the board time to thoroughly discuss agenda items and do the job it was elected to do.