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Feb 16, 2016

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Feb 09, 2016
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Town Board Meeting
Feb 09, 2016
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Snow Removal by Residents
Jan 20, 2016
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Welcome to the Town of Sherman

 The Town of Sherman, containing the historical Springstead Area, is a beautiful land of forests, lakes and streams that has not been over commercialized or over populated. It’s a secluded spot to rest and relax or actively participate in outdoor recreation and the life of the community. The Town of Sherman is 115 square miles in size. Contained within those miles are 55 lakes with 3,000 acres of surface waters and 79 miles of shoreline. In addition the Town of Sherman is the southern gateway to the Turtle-Flambeau Flowage. The Flowage is the largest publicly owned water resource in the State of Wisconsin.


Snow Removal by Residents
Residents who clear snow from their drives themselves are reminded that during this process no snow can remain on a town road when they have finished clearing snow from their drives.  This includes the trickle of snow that escapes from the edges of plows on ATVs.  Snow cannot be pushed or blown onto a town road with the expectation that the town plow will remove it.  In addition, snow that is pushed onto the right of way (ditch) cannot create a hazard or a dam which could cause flooding.  Failure to adhere to the above could result in violations of State Statues 86.04, 346.94, and 86.022.  Be a good neighbor and use common sense when removing snow.



Park Falls
Saturday, 09

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