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Town of Sherman Ward 1 District 15


Iron County, WI



Spring Election Results 





9:18 PM


Justice of the Supreme Court


Michael Screnock - 35


Rebecca Dallet – 43



County Supervisor, District 15


Brad Matson - 52


Scattering - 12 (Gerald Luke-9, Peter Hatch- 2, Mickey Mouse -1)



State Referendum "Elimination of state treasurer."



Yes -32


No  -46


Chequamegon School District


School Board Member from District At-Large


Edward J. Kane - 13


Michelle J. Schmidt - 49


School Board Member from Town of Lake


David Schmidt - 48



School Board Member from Towns of Gordon, Jacobs, Peeksville, Shanagolden in Ashland County and parts of Town 


of Spider Lake in Sawyer County


Karen Thorp-45



School Board Member from Town of Fifield (2 year term)



Gergory E. Wirsing -47